Thursday, April 9, 2009

Apple Cake

Perhaps you expect a list of yesterday's executed businesses.

I didn’t tie up the vines.
I didn’t go to Piedmont.
And I didn’t polish my nails.

The important thing is, to focus on the things that succeeded. Build a home fortress of success stories. Collecting them and storing them brick by brick until one can be in the tower and enjoy the view.

Yesterday I found the work glove that has been away for a while.
I reached to retrieve the eggs in the burn chamber, before the dog took them.
Most of my lettuce seeds came up.
The lawn tractor worked yesterday - with a little help.
The hedge is also nice untrimmed.
Only two chickens flew out of the enclosure yesterday.
My rubber boots are not leak - the water came in from above.

I hope you know, I don’t mention this to boast. Absolutely not - it is a rattling for the internal contractor.

One can easily be lost in high-flown thoughts, but my real mission today is a recipe for apple-cake – and of course you must have it.

You’ll need:

100 g butter from happy cows

110 g icing sugar 6 egg yolks from hens who are on the property

50 grams flour of a good baking quality

2 tsp. baking powder

1 tsp. vanilla sugar or vanilla extract

3 delicious apples

1 dl chopped almonds

So we're ready. Turn on your oven and set the temperature at 350F.

Butter a spring form. Pour the butter and icing sugar in a mixing bowl. Whip it together and add vanilla.
Measure the flour and baking powder. Pour it in the bowl, but don’t whip yet.
Add egg yolks - save egg white in the fridge so you can make delicious meringues another day. Peel your apples and tear them on the coarse side of the grater.
Pour apples into the mixing bowl and mix it all together. Not for a long time – it’s not yeast dough. The dough should just be consistent.
Pour the dough in your spring form.
Grab your roughly chopped almonds and spread them with graceful hand movements over the dough.

Put the spring form in the oven and bake the cake 25 minutes.

It is a moist and rich cake with the most delicious apple flavor.

Disappears as dew in the sun. As bread cubes at the castle lake. As the socks in the washing machine.

Joy to you

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